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Port of Gold Beach
Fishing Schedule:
Winter Steelhead: December ~ March

Spring Salmon:
March ~ June

Fall Salmon:
July ~ October

Silver Salmon: September ~ October

May ~ June

Ocean Bottom Fishing:
Mid March ~ September





























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Five Star Fishing Report:

7/11/2018 11:09:07 AM


The late report is due to road construction and having to leave the house Sunday night and move for several days. Not to mention a flat ocean and running double bottom fish trips to get people fishing and or being previously cancelled due to wind. The wind finally died out on the 4th of July after seven days of screaming. Jeff did have some first class bay trolling as that continued with a late spring fish bay troll bite. The ocean temp was 48 degrees when we went on the 4th but to our surprise they were biting. They kept it up till Monday afternoon when the temp went to 54 degrees and got brown. We still got limits of the works but not in two hours and back to the dock.Tuesday morning it was lock down for 2 hours with basically no0thing. Jeff moved and I moved with a crummy slow drift in a in and out direction to scratch a few miscellaneous fish. Finally the wind that would at some point cork us moved us around and we scratched out limits with all colored rock fish for Jeff and Lings and 50/50 for me . I couldn't stand it and went out to Fat's Rock for Blacks. Many of you have been there over the years. I'll tell you the story if you ask. Next week wind, wind and Kona for me. No report till I get back late Tuesday

7/2/2018 9:51:22 AM


The wind blew like a big dog for four days so Jeff trolled the bay for salmon and it was good. Three for five on Tuesday and multiple fish every day through the week. Friday for whatever reason the wind stalled and we went bottom fishing on a ocean that was unbelievable based on what it looked like the night before. We were throwing back 20lb. ling cod to catch colored rock fish to finish the limit. Then back to the dock at 10:30 with six to nine crab per boat. We tried again Saturday morning but the wind was blowing so bay trolling again for two to three fish for the half day was the deal. Sunday a ditto.

6/26/2018 12:39:44 PM


The ocean went pancake Tuesday after five days of wind and we went fishing. No wind and slow current so we fished the deeper spots and they were biting. Ling limits in one drift then off to shallower stuff to finish on rock fish with just enough color to keep it interesting. Wednesday was a repeat. Thursday was a halibut day and both boats went. Jeff left before we did and had several before we did. I changed drifts and got three immediately but then we went cold. Jeff got the rest of his up to 60lbs. and left it to us but after four drifts with not a bite I left for another area. One long drift got us one more and then we came home short on a boat limit. Friday the wind blew us off as we finished up with limits all around and a few crab. Saturday and Sunday was a bust due to wind and most likely through the week. A few salmon in the bay for even fewer boats but it quite early for that at best.




Contact: Mark Lottis
Toll Free: 888-301-6480
Ph: 541-247-0217
Port of Gold Beach / Gold Beach, OR 97444


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