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Port of Gold Beach

Fishing Schedule:
Winter Steelhead: December ~ March

Spring Salmon:
March ~ June

Fall Salmon:
July ~ October

Silver Salmon:
September ~ October

Ocean Bottom Fishing:
May ~ September














Five Star Charters
Why Choose Us

It's all about the boats, the equipment &
how we treat the fish you catch

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The Boats

The boats are one of the big reasons 5 Star is just that...5 stars. We had them custom built to our specifications for ocean fishing for Ling Cod and Rock Fish.

They are a Pilot House 360 degree walk-around design so as to provide cabin space to get out of the weather if needed, but maximize deck space for the fisherman. With lengths and beam of 33 35 & 10 12. Everybody is not crammed into a stern corner elbow to elbow and getting lines tangled. They also have enclosed marine heads/toilets for privacy and comfort. Below deck storage for fish and gear keeps deck space clear of any and all.

A huge advantage of this design is we use sea anchors when needed which is often to slow our drift so as to make for easier and better fishing - not to mention with a muuch smoother/softer boat ride. It takes allot of work putting out and pulling in the sea anchor but very worth the effort.

The boats are powered with twin four stroke outboard engines for a quiet, exhaust fume free trip.

The boats are also equipped with commercial grade Furuno electronics for navigation & fish finding operation.

Tackle and gear difference

First class rods and reels from Okuma, Stryker that are matched specifically to the fish and types of fishing we are targeting. Because these rod & reel combos are expensive, we expect any damage and/or loss to be covered by the customer.


  • Bleeding the Fish

  • Individual Totes for each fisherman

  • Salt Water Rinse

We are super fussy on how we take care of the fish you catch so as to have the best tasting fish possible, as we eat a lot of fish ourselves and know the difference.

First we bleed and kill every fish immediately after landing it, most charters do not do this because of the extra time and work it takes. Bleeding is very important for good looking and fresh tasting fish, particularly if it will be frozen at some point. Commercial buyers will not even buy fish that is not bled properly.

We then put each person's fish in a tote that has only their fish in it. So when you catch a fish of distinction i.e. Vermillion, Copper, Lingcod, etc.; you go home with it. We also bag those fish separately when filleted.  The totes are stored out of the sun and receive their own salt water rinse.

One of the other big things we do is bring fresh salt water from the ocean back to our private stainless steel fish cleaning tables that we keep bleached and rinsed where the fillets are rinsed and drained before bagging for transport. Cleaned fish fillets are bagged per species

Salt water rinsing is far superior then using regular tap water due to the chlorine and other chemicals that city water has in it.

We also use the ocean salt water to cook and rinse the crabs whech is even more important to get great tasting crab.

Bring a good cooler (not flimsy Styrofoam) with ice for cleaned fish and crab for when we get back from fishing.

When we get done with the fish and crab, it is best to put it immediately into a cooler with ice that you have brought. We do not have refrigeration - coolers, ice etc., etc. to keep everybody's fish property and individually separated.
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Contact: Mark Lottis
Toll Free: 888-301-6480
Ph: 541-247-0217
Port of Gold Beach / Gold Beach, OR 97444

Five Star Charters is an equal opportunity recreation service provider and
operates under special use permit with the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest